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Verto accelerates the results. From strategy to execution in marketing, sales and demand generation.


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Minding the gaps in business involves finding them first. The gaps in, and between, sales and marketing cause erratic sales cycles, turnover and inconsistent revenue. They all increase the risk of failure. These gaps are caused by hidden behavioral phenomena in the form of three paradoxes; The Paradox of Choice, The Paradox of Confidence, and The Paradox of Trust. We help our clients recognize these behavioral paradoxes and stay out of the "gaps" they cause.

How Verto Can Help

The Paradox of Choice

Combine the "self-guided" buyer journey with homogeneous products and services, and your prospect faces almost limitless choice. Confronted with this dilemma human beings will generally do nothing. They need guidance and clarity, and your sellers need to provide it. 

The Paradox of Confidence

You expect your sellers to exhibit confidence. It's a job requirement.

Prospects and management continue to demand more. If your sellers ask for help you begin to question their confidence, and so do they. They need to be better enabled, and you need to deliver it. 

The Paradox of Trust

This is the crux of the matter.There's a drought in trust.

We're surrounded by institutional betrayal, and we treat everyone with  increasing suspicion. Your prospect can't know you until they trust you, but they won't trust you until they know you. You need to walk the talk...we'll show you how.

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