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Verto accelerates the results. From strategy to execution in marketing, sales and demand generation.


10945 State Bridge Rd, Suite 401-651

Alpharetta, GA 30022




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Minding the Gaps in business involves finding them first. The gaps in, and between, sales and marketing cause erratic sales cycles, turnover and inconsistent revenue. They all increase the risk of failure. These gaps are caused by new and misunderstood phenomena like the buyer’s paradox of choice, and the sellers’ conflict of confidence. Both lead to an inability to “land the message”. 

How Verto Can Help

Who you are

You are an executive or leader. You make decisions. Your team follows your direction.  When you ask them what marketing is, and why it matters – you get different answers. Ready to bring them all together?

What you do

You’re a B2B company trying to grow. You know you need a more predictable revenue stream whether from $5m to $150m. Marketing and Sales are not aligned, and you need a catalyst to help.



What you need

People always look to you. In private you admit that you don't always have all the best answers. Where do you turn when you need principled, compelling, practical guidance and new ideas?  Are you ready to get consulting you can trust?

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