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Our Approach

At Verto we use proven methods built on years of experience. Some are unique to us, others you might recognize as "Best Practice". These methods provide a common sense approach, that's strong, challenging, thought-provoking, and serves as the foundation for the consulting work we do and the advice we will provide you.

Workshop Approach

Verto conducts strategy and execution workshops that focus on the "Three D's":

Discover - Through preparation, guided discussion and positive confrontation Verto identifies the relevant drivers, beliefs, and goals of the ownership and executive team.

Develop - Utilizing the output from the Discover Workshop and combining our expert analysis and research, we'll share our insights and concepts to overcome the challenge. This is a "no surprises" approach that provides the opportunity for mutual discussion, qualification, confirmation, and calibration.

Deliver - A final review of the conclusions, recommendations, and advice based on the previous exercises, research, and validations.

Numbers Don't Lie

We conduct a thorough analysis of your sales and marketing data to identify the GAPS. Key data includes:

  • Mix of new and existing business

  • Pipeline velocity and churn

  • Time to close deals and Close rates 

  • Opportunity Conversion Rates from MQL/SAL/SQL

  • Marketing Contribution (ROMI)

The "Funnel"

A sales funnel is the logical sequence someone adopts when they're on a buying journey. Waterfall's and Revenue Funnels take that sequencing and improve sales and marketing alignment by providing a common shared language to define a standardized process. It is a framework that lays out a model, processes, and rules to help you create, manage and measure your new business efforts to make your business MORE predictable. Using a funnel provides the following:

  • Increased forecast probability and revenue prediction

  • Higher ROI on all marketing and sales activities

  • Identify new sales opportunities

  • Consistent customer experience

  • Improve marketing and sales alignment

Buyers, Personas and The Buying Journey

All words to describe how to figure out who buys from you, how you find each other, and what tools to use to communicate with them. At the heart of this are the use of detailed buyer demographics and how best to leverage cognitive biases. Identifying your target audience is crucial in your Go To Market – it’s how you match your value proposition to your suspects and prospects. 

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