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Introducing Verto's

Digital Sales Playbook

CEO's need to mitigate the risk of inconsistent revenue.  Sales Leaders need to help their sales teams be more dependable and less erratic. You need more predictable outcomes. Sellers are faced with more demands and complexity. Prospects are drowning in data and have lost their way on their "self guided" buying journey.  Product differentiation is becoming insignificant.


Teams don't leave winning up to chance - they plan for it and codify the behaviors that deliver it. 

Introducing the Verto's Digital Playbook - based on behavioral science, helping your team to "Land The Message"  

Business Meeting

Build Trust

Prospects expect sellers to deliver persona, function, company and industry insights to overcome suspicion & build credibility. 

Reading Newspaper

Defined Plays

 Use codified plays relative to your process and the prospect's journey. Leverage the language of value and the most effective process.

Data on a Touch Pad


The Verto Sales Playbook won't end up on the shelf. It's  digital and easily accessed from your laptop, phone or tablet. 

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