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Verto accelerates the results. From strategy to execution in marketing, sales and demand generation.


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Over 65% of companies under-achieve because of poor performance in sales. Having a clear sales strategy, enablement and sales process are part of the answer.  Delivering consistent pipeline, aligning with marketing, and closing opportunities are also part of the journey.  Answer these questions to determine if you need help today. 

Strategy – Do you have an agreed and clear sales strategy which is aligned with your prospect’s journey? Is your sales and marketing strategy aligned? Do you have the right metrics to review your team’s performance?  Has your target prospect changed in the last 5 years? 


Performance –Only 20% of your sales team are “A” players today. They close deals no matter what content, collateral or presentations marketing delivers. Their relationships and challenger mindset separates them from the pack.  Do you have a plan or process to transform your B team players to the A team? 


Process – From Excel spreadsheets to complex CRM systems, everyone wants to see your results. Can you track a lead all the way from your MQL to SAL to SQL to close? Do you have a sales playbook to scale your sales organization to ensure they have the right tools and content, use the right message and consistently follow the sales process? 


Effectiveness – Over 60 % of SQL’s get stuck in the sales cycle because of no commitment to changing the status quo or as we like to say “there is no compulsion”  Is your sales team able and willing to create demand or are they just looking for projects? Is your sale pitch addressing the prospects issues? Do your prospects see your sales team as adding value or are they just looking for deals? Do they know when to disqualify an opportunity?