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Sales Enablement

It's a New Era for Sellers

“Product differentiation, by itself, has become indefensible because today’s competitors can copy your better, faster, cheaper features virtually instantly. Now, the only thing they can’t replicate is the trust that customers feel for you and your team.”

 David Cancel, CEO


Sellers live in an increasingly complex and more demanding world. Confused prospects expect them to know everything about their company, role, function, and industry. Sales management expect more of their sellers from being able to conduct at the “C” Level, to orchestrating the chorus and all while projecting an abundance mentality.

Verto recognizes this and consequently focuses “above the funnel.” That means most of our efforts are concentrated in the area that could be broadly described as prospecting and prospect conversion. This is true with respect to sales enablement. We concern ourselves with how to make sellers more effective at identifying suspects and becoming great at turning them into prospects. We’re then helping sellers match and move these prospects through the stages of loosening the status quo and helping them commit to change.

Within Sales Enablement, Verto provide tools and coaching empowering sellers in the early stages of the sales process.

The Digital Sales Playbook

  • Delivering Relevant Insight

  • Sales Plays

  • Stage Sensitive Content

  • Sales Assets

  • Aligning Sellers with Modern Buyers

Verto's Visual Victory

  • Build Trust

  • Create the right Impression 

  • Be memorable (for the right reasons)

  • Engage Effectively

  • Be Likeable

Digital Demand Generation

  • Providing Lead flow to Sellers

  • Digitally Engaged Prospects

  • Agreed Buyer Personas

  • Relevant Target Companies

  • Automated Contact Harvesting

  • Social Media Intent Listening

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