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A Marketing Strategy is how you allocate people, money, time and technology to create a positive disposition toward your company.

Marketing is the management process and discipline responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer and prospect requirements profitably.

Analyzing the data

The world is moving faster than ever before. We see it and discuss it constantly with respect to products we use and changes that we see. Technology is transforming how we conduct business and how we interact with our customer and prospects. Marketing is a victim of this fast paced change. Marketing plans can become obsolete seemingly overnight. If you can point to some of the following then its time to re-evaluate the marketing strategy:

  • Marketing's role is unclear

  • Marketing's activities are not obviously contributing to revenue

  • There is no agreed understanding of the customer's buying process

  • The marketing budget is always under siege

  • Your brand promise is unclear and therefore so is how you express it

  • Demand generation activities appear ineffective​

This can look like a marathon to run. So much so that many never dig in and resolve the marketing challenge fully. Verto understands this dilemma and provides clear advice from a practical perspective. We know you cannot solve all the issues at once, but we also know that with our experience and expertise we can prioritize the actions that will move the needle the fastest and furthest.

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