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Fractional CMOs and CROs...

delivering results at lower cost

As we adapt to the “new norm” in this changing world, the integration and execution between marketing and sales is critical, and so is financial thrift. Verto provides experienced executives in both areas to accelerate your revenue growth at a lower cost than a full-time executive. We develop strategy and execution plans to build your pipeline as quickly as possible.

Our experts assess, collaborate and deliver clear, concise and practical operational plans. We provide a complete technology platform to automate the marketing campaigns and buyer’s journeys to deliver quality leads for your sales teams.

Whether you are a software, professional services, hardware or software development company the challenges are the same. Do you have the following clearly defined?

  • Relevant value proposition for a defined target market

  • Definition of a Buyer Personas and Buyer Journey

  • Marketing content to drive a discussion and engagement

  • Defined Demand Generation Program

  • Targeted Account Based Marketing Plan

  • Interactive Social Marketing

  • Go to Market (GTM) Sales model

  • Digital Sales Playbook


The Verto team’s experience and fast paced 45 day execution plans are built from successful years of delivering marketing leads to sales conversions to deals won for B2B companies in the start-up mode to mid-sized technology market in the USA and Europe.  

It's a "Funnel" Old World

Demand Generatation

  • Strategy

    • Buyer Personas and Journey

    • Demand Waterfall

    • Lead Taxonomy & Scoring

    • Marketing Technology (Verto's single solution)

  • Execution

    • Campaigns

    • Responsive Deployment

    • Heartbeat Programs

 Sales Enablement 

  • Strategy

    • Sales & Marketing Alignment

    • Prospecting & Sales Process

    • Technology

  • Execution

    • Sales Prospecting Coaching

    • Codified Sales & Prospecting Plays

    • Digital Sales Playbook

    • Lead Conversion Metrics

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