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Demand Generation Support 

Effective Demand Generation must have the foundational components and demand activities identified and documented. Key components include Buyer Personas, Lead Taxonomy, Lead Scoring and the metrics related to the use of the Demand Waterfall. The foundation must be strong and result from collaboration and agreement between sales and marketing teams. The demand activities are a combination of campaigns, programs, and actions designed to make it easier for prospects to find you, or for you to find them. They are either inbound or outbound, passive or active.


Here are some key areas to focus upon:



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  • For “complex” sales engagements there are typically more than seven plus assorted Influencers, Recommenders and Decision Makers. Can you identify them?

  • Are they considering change, committing to change or assessing alternatives?

  • Do you understand the Buyer persona’s main concerns and motivations?

  • How do prospects research and review products and services? Do they turn to Analyst’s, or do they attend physical peer-to-peer networking events?

  • Do you have defined content and communication channels?


  • The Demand Waterfall is a framework that promotes a common language between marketing and sales, promoting collaboration.

  • The Demand Waterfall models demand creation efforts, measuring performance from one stage to another, and enabling greater predictability.

  • It promotes alignment around definitions and goals

  • The consistent use of the Waterfall model identifies “gaps” in your efforts, makes use of historical data, allows you to measure the relative performance of different programs.


  • Do you have a common language around leads? Is this enforced within your organization?

  • Can you Identify the thresholds and conditions for the transition of a lead from one definition to another?

  • Is the Sales and Marketing team cooperating and in agreement on the complete process and feedback loop?

  • Make the outcome definitions more meaningful than Cold, Warm, Hot?


  • Lead Scoring Is a methodology shared by sales and marketing that ranks leads to determine their position in their buyer journey

  • It helps to build the buyer journey and persona and in turn match these onto your marketing plan and sales enablement.

  • Suspects, Prospects and Leads can be scored based on different biases and objectives reflecting preferences for certain industries, company sizes, responses and digital behaviors.

  • A lead scoring system provides your CRM and Marketing Automation Platform the rules to apply within a workflow to support marketing campaigns.

  • Lead Scoring enables you to build a marketing funnel that feed sales and indicates where your prospects are on their buyer journey

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