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Guiding Principles

 - "A fundamental truth proposition that 
serves as a foundation for a system or belief"

Buying anything these days is confusing. Differentiation is difficult, and authenticity and trust are hard to find. It helps if you understand “Why” we act a certain way and "Why" we make particular recommendations. These recommendations will, in part, be based on our "guiding principles" which is why it's important for you to understand them.


At Verto, we believe that an exceptional foundational understanding of sales and marketing is critical to bring you success. We also believe this must be combined with the use of modern ideas, and the use of behavioral science to guide our assessment and conclusion. 


All B2B enterprises, from early stage to mature, have organizational and behavioral “Gaps” in their marketing and sales expertise. We identify and close the gaps between them:


  • Business Plan and the Ownership/Executive Team

  • Business Plan and the Strategy

  • Strategy and the Tactics

  • Tactics and the Execution

  • Fact and the Fiction

  • Present and the Future


In exposing you to our "guiding principles" we're also being true to them. We're being open and honest which enables you to understand why we make certain recommendations.


Here are some of those principles:

Marketing's Main Job is to Help Sales Succeed 

We believe that without authentic collaboration between Marketing and Sales, progress will be slow and expensive, threatening the growth and prosperity of the business. This is an all too common occurrence that impedes the business and can doom it to years of mediocre performance. We maintain that while Marketing fulfills many roles and can have numerous activities, it only has one purpose - to make Sales successful.

Take a "Top Down" View of the Business

We need to establish a top-down view of the business. We need to understand the goals of the Ownership and Executive Team (and that they're aligned) and then we can provide the highest value consulting and advice to you. It is common for gaps to exist at the highest levels and in the most fundamental areas of the business. Our discovery workshop methodology enables us to identify these gaps. Our experience enables us to close them meaning everyone is working toward the same goal with the same understanding.

Actionable Insights, Practical Advice, Achievable Goals

We don't deal in theory (although we might use some to get us there). We acknowledge and leverage various tools and methods; from Workshops to Demand Waterfalls. From Mind Maps to mapping Buyer Journeys. We use these tools to cut through complexities enabling us to provide actionable advice. We'll then stay engaged to execute, or you can implement yourselves - it's your choice. 

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Working to Improve Your Odds of Winning

At Verto we think probabilistically. In other words, we don't just think in terms of spectacular successes or abject failures. We know that most outcomes are somewhere between the two and as long as we're closer to the former than the latter then progress is being made. What we do believe in is constantly maximizing your chances of winning, of moving the odds in your favor and that's part of what shapes our thinking.

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