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What We Do

At Verto we use a unique understanding of sales AND marketing in B2B to help tech & services companies build stronger sales pipelines.


We do this by providing buyer intent data, demand gen programs & sales enablement that improve lead flow & sales conversion results while reducing spend on technology & people.


Through this combination we help our clients close the gaps in sales and marketing, so that they work together, are simpler, cost less and produce more.

Digital Marketing


B2B leaders need to "do more, with less". Lead generation, digital marketing and sales enablement should work together, be simpler, cost less and produce more. We make it happen. We use a combination of Buyer Intent and Social Listening technology along with an autonomous campaign capability. We blend this with our industry know-how to help companies win revenue while they spend less on marketing technology AND people.

Buyer Intent & Social Listening

Buyer Intent Graphic Illustration Draft

Buyer Intent Data is sometimes known as Behavioral Intent Data or Purchase Intent Data. Put simply, it is information collected on what and how a company or person engages digitally with different sources of online information. We detect intent signals from these online behaviors in a wide range of publicly available sources on the web, including social media.

Autonomous Campaigns


Having detected those signals from the triggers we have set up is only part of the solution. The contacts detected from the our Buyer Intent & Social Media triggers are then automatically fed into pre-built, multi-channel campaigns. These autonomous, multi-media campaigns build awareness and create preference with the target buyer. Buyer's continuing to show higher levels of engagement with these campaigns can then be passed to inside or field sales.

 Demand Generation 

Outdoor Business Meeting

Having agreed and built your strategy, now you need to create demand while having the pillars in place to support demand. That's not just about having a CRM, Marketing Automation Platform and CMS. Supporting demand requires structure, process, definitions, infrastructure, discipline, and commitment. These components make it sustainable and consistent. This takes the presumption out of the pipeline, and the fake out of the forecast. 

Sales Enablement

Business Meeting

Sales Process is dictated by the type of market you're in; New Concept, New Paradigm or Replacement Sell. It is also a reflection of your buyer's journey where you have to "be available" constantly orchestrating easy interaction, demonstrating thought leadership, building a relationship and showing value. But don't you have to show value in order to build a relationship, and how can you demonstrate value without already having a relationship? A good question, and one we'll help you answer.

Marketing Strategy

Business Brainstorm

A Marketing Strategy is how you allocate people, money and time to increase your buyer's disposition toward your products and services. From this, we will identify a set of ideas, activities, and programs that are practical, repeatable and scalable. We ensure they are aligned with the business strategy and that they advance both the qualitative and quantitative revenue goals of the company.

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