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Demand Generation Execution

You've agreed the overall business plan, built the marketing strategy, constructed the demand gen framework. now it's time to execute the demand activities themselves. Simply stated you have to make it easy for the prospect to find YOU, or for you to find THEM. It's a blend of passive and active, inbound and outbound. We'll help you create this formula. Successful execution depends on discipline, collaboration and some faith.  


Here are some key areas to focus upon:

 Planned Campaigns 

Planned campaigns comprise broad themes that can be adopted for six to twelve-month durations, therefore they are based on consistent, general, buyer needs. They will encompass integrated components that can include digital and physical activities and will stretch out over time.

  • You should look for a blend of integrated, multi-touch efforts.

  • Use inbound and outbound channels.

  • Focus on target personas’ stages of their buying journey and message accordingly.

  • Take a formulaic approach to media and channel selection again leveraging your personal research

  • Plan nurture flows to maximize engagement from both inbound and outbound tactics.

 Responsive Deployment 

Responsive deployments are activities that are provisioned in the shorter term. This may be to accommodate changes on the buyer side, supply-side opportunities or market-driven, macro events that provide a window of opportunity. These will tend to be outbound and active in nature.

  • You should use email and outbound calling combinations.

  • Look at combining targeted digital advertising and the use of social media platforms

  • Target highly specific companies and contacts where you have a purpose and intent that is either driven by you, competitive forces or the market itself.

  • Adopt Agile methods to enable rapid content creation.

  • Develop playbooks in advance of changes to enable these programs quickly.

 Heartbeat Programs 

Heartbeat programs are perpetually running initiatives. This will tend to be inbound and need to be as automated as possible driving the need for careful technology selection, integration, and deployment.

  • You’ll need to leverage content to drive inbound engagement.

  • Consistent use of SEO, Paid Search and content syndication.

  • Ensure your target market data is of the highest integrity otherwise you’ll be wasting time and money.

  • A Heartbeat approach requires technology due diligence. You need to review your CRM, MAP and WCM systems at a minimum.

  • Depending on the conclusions of your persona and target market research you might need to adopt other technologies such as re-marketing and personalization tools to enable your efforts.

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