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The Paradox of Confidence

The  Paradox of Confidence effects your sellers. You need to consider this when making decisions mainly about Sales Enablement, but your Marketing Strategy and Demand Generation tactics will also be affected.


We've listed a few examples of how these considerations impact your choices:

Marketing Strategy

  • Sales teams often feel ignored and abandoned by Marketing. While Marketing has a responsibility to support sales with tangible outputs (e.g. leads, assets, content) it must also participate to support sellers in more indirect ways. This helps inspire the confidence that modern prospects demand and modern sellers need.

  • The marketing strategy needs to explicitly support sales teams with vigorous, field-based activities. 

demand generation

  • Demand Gen strategy has to align with both sales capabilities and plans as well as prospect behavior in order to deliver the best qualified leads. 

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sales enablement

  • Salespeople are overburdened. They need to be able to credibly, engage and add value with buyers at various levels of seniority. 

  • To do this they need easy access to industry insights and domain expertise…anywhere, anytime.

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