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The "New SDR" Space - Is It really New This Time?

It seems to me that the SDR discipline emerged in the 90's. I know because I ("we Goose") started a company doing outbound lead gen work). But the poor execution, management and limited thinking that appears in that space today implies it has been caught in a time warp. I think this is true as the role got trivialized from the early 2000's. It moved into the "pay for performance" mindset (that was a laugh - it was "pay for risk....yours Mr Vendor, not ours"), and then kept moving...offshore (another winner). This period was fundamentally damaging to that space and the offshoring proved spectacularly unsuccessful. Nothing new there then. The SDR component appears to be re-establishing its own identity as part of a maturing broader (CRM) space, replete with books, blogs and philosophies and awash in technologies. The "recent" Rainmaker conference sponsored by Salesloft in Atlanta is an example of a company championing this space and trying to build a community around their technology. This blog post is basically an excerpt from Trish Bertuzzi's book which I'm reading and therefore reserve judgement on. BUT other than the new technologies and some new lingo...I wonder if much has really changed? You'll know as a soon as I do dear in the words of Sid Hudgens in LA Confidential let's NOT keep it "Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush".

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